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Wheels Fall Off The Jazz Train

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Wouldn’t you just know it. The sports writers were all atwitter about how the Jazz were going to close out the series against the Denver Nuggets last night and come home with lots of days to rest up for the next series. Yeah, right…. Talk about counting your chickens before they’re hatched. We should have realized that it was going to be a very tough game last night. After all, it was do or die for the Nuggets and they were playing on their home court in front of their faithful and loud fans. We can’t fault Deron Williams or Carlos Boozer who both played up to their exceptional standards. The bench proved to be disappointing however, especially Kyle Korver who went for something like 0-9 in trying to make a field goal. We would like to think he will be in better form for the next game. The Jazz as a whole actually kept up pretty well for a good share of the game. It wasn’t until near the end of the third quarter that they let up and allowed the Nuggets to get a double digit lead at which point they were never able to get very close again. The final score was 102-116. Hopefully the Utah team will realize that they need to step it up (can you hear that, bench, bench, bench) and get the job done.

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