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When Exercising, Maximize Benefits, Minimize Time

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It’s fair to say that a good many of us realize the importance of daily exercise but are still not all that motivated to get started on it. We dread thinking of all the time it’s going to take in our already busy day. The good news is that the latest findings show that shorter, harder workouts may actually be better for us than the slower, longer ones we have become used to performing. The new “mini” versions have been found to rev up the metabolism even more than working out with less intensity for a longer period of time. This new finding will be a boon to those who can’t fit in a 40-60 minute workout but have an available 10-15 minutes a couple of times throughout the day. The secret is to increase the intensity as we reduce the duration, making the most of our efforts. Burning more calories in less time carries a substantial appeal. While it is true that we will reap the benefits no matter how or when it is we fit in our workouts, for many of us it seems best when the exercise happens first thing in the morning. When we get all or part of our physical regiment over first thing it takes the pressure off and we don’t have to have that nagging thought that “I need to do my workout” going through our head all day long. Besides that, the early exercise provides an energy “buzz” that stays with us a long while which is a good thing.