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When Will the Warriors Get Any Respect?

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Last night, I had the great opportunity to go to the Warrior’s first round playoff game against the Jazz. The only unfortunate part was that it was in the Energy Solutions Arena and not in Oakland. The atmosphere was absolutely electrifying and the acutal game far surpassed anything I had expected. It literally came down to the final couple of shots to decide a winner. All in all, I had a great time at the game.

However, after the game was a different story. While making our way to the parking lot, my friends and I got a lot of stick from the Jazz fans since we were wearing Warrior jerseys. It was so interesting to see their reactions to the game. It was as if the Utah Jazz had just won the NBA finals. I kept hearing people say that it was going to be a 4-game sweep, and that a number 8 seed had no chance of going to the Western Conference Finals. Simply put, the Jazz fans seemed as if they think the outcome of this series is a forgone conclusion and that the Warriors should pack it up and go home.

But, let’s keep a few things in mind. One, this is a seven-game series. There is still a long road ahead of the Jazz to get to the next round, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Two, the game was in Salt Lake City on the Jazz’ home court. HELLO! You are supposed to win the games at home. The fact that the Warriors came so close to stealing game 1 away from home should be enough to make Jazz fans a little worried, don’t you think? Three, the Jazz had an amazing game. They shot well, they defended well, and they were tenacious on the offensive glass. On the other hand, the Warriors played horribly. Much to the dismay of Warrior faithful across the globe (especially this Warriors fan), the Warriors seemed tired. They were not their usual let’s-get-every-loose-ball players they normally are. Also, Baron Davis was slowed by a lingering hamstring injury. In summation, the Jazz played great and the Warriors played badly. And yet, the Warriors still almost came out on top. Just wait until they start firing on all cylinders. Then we’ll see who has no shot. And lastly, the Warriors are not the same team away from home as they are in Oakland. They had one of the best records at home this season. So, once the series goes to Oakland, the Jazz better watch out. And I am not talking just about the team. The fans should be worried as well. Just remember, this is the home of Steven Jackson. Oakland is no picnic.


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If I were a Jazz fan, I would not be acting in such a pompous manner. In fact, I would be very afraid. The only comment from a Jazz fan which I respected the entire night came from an old man and his wife. He said “man, I didn’t think they were going to be that tough.” Yeah, no one did. But face it. They are that tough. Soon the NBA and all of its fans are going to see why the Golden State Warriors deserve the respect of which they are being deprived.

This article was written by Nishan Wilde