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When Will the Warriors Get Any Respect?

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I had the privilege of attending the Warrior's first round of play versus the Jazz. The good thing was it was held at the Energy Solutions Arena and not in Oakland. The game exceeded expectations as it came down to the last few shots to determine the winner. Overall, I had a great time at the game.

But after the game was an entirely different story. On the way to the parking lot, me and my friends got a lot of stick with the Jazz fans as we were wearing the Warriors basketball jerseys. Their reactions were so intense as if the Utah Jazz won the NBA finals. Talk was on that it was going to be a 4-game victory and that a number 8 seed won't make it to the finals. The Jazz fans seemed to think that the results of the series was already in their favor and that the Warriors should just pack up and go.

Let's keep things in perspective: one, this is a seven - game series and that there's still a long way to go for the Jazz to win the championships. Second, the Jazz had homecourt advantage and you're supposed to win at home. The fact remains that it was a close call as the Warriors almost stole the game from the Jazz. The Jazz played hard and had great offense and defense. Much to my dismay, the Warriors didn't seem to be at the top of their game and played a so-so game. Considering that they were out of their element, again, it remains the fact that they almost won and was a tight game altogether. Finally, the Warriors aren't the same without the homecourt advantage. Once the series goes to Oakland, the Jazz better watch it because the Warriors would surely dominate.

If I were a Jazz fan, I wouldn't act in such a pompous manner but instead I would be afraid. The only decent comment I got from a Jazz fan was from an elderly male and his wife who said that he didn't think the Warriors would be that tough of an opponent to beat. Truly, no one did expect that but for sure they are a tough team to beat. Pretty soon everyone in he NBA and all of its fans will come to realize that they deserve the respect they are being denied.

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