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Where Has Character And Charisma Gone In The NBA?

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We are halfway thru the 2013-2014 NBA basketball season and things look dull. On the other hand, NFL and AFL has all the excitement and drama that basketball is lacking. All over the country, ticket sales are down and the fans are hesitant about watching the games. It seems like a waste of effort for the players to wear their basketball jerseys and run from end to end of the basketball court hoping they will become the next basketball superstar.

Even if we have LeBron James playing, it’s still not as exciting even if his talent is undeniable. There are other gifted players out there shooting 3 pointers but the excitement of the game is still lukewarm.

It’s not as dramatic like the era of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Their chemistry on the court was something Americans loved to watch.

In contrast, the football fans have been consistently rabid and screaming starting from the play-off games up to the February Super Bowl games. There are players we both love and hate. The background stories of these athletes have caught the hearts of their fans. On another occasion, the players have driven back a huge number of their fans due to their outbursts and cheap shot tactics. It’s all good for excitement and theatrics. It brought in large ticket sales too.

Unfortunately, it is not the same for NBA right now. There are heart-warming stories about the basketball players as well but the fans do not know about them. Surely, there could be some kind of drama going on in the basketball courts all over the country at any given night. But the fans either don’t hear about these or they are not interested to hear about it at all. It seems like the fans’ level of interest is at its lowest.

There should be something done to revive the fans’ enthusiasm to watch the NBA games. It might help introducing a new set of young players into the roster just to stir up some interest for people to watch the games.