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Which Sports Are Easiest On The Joints?

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We are lucky that there are several kind of sports that we can choose from. You can choose a physical activity that you enjoy and that is best for you. You may be one of the many who enjoy tossing a ball over the volleyball net. Or perhaps you prefer to wear your cycling jerseys and ride your bike in the outdoors. While all of these activities are enjoyable, they are not exactly being kind to our bodies especially the joints.

Exercises that have the most impact on our joints are tennis, kickboxing, running and stair climbing. A lot of people enjoy these kinds of sports and there is no reason why they should stop doing so. However, once they feel some pain that is associated with these activities, they may need to limit their movements and efforts in executing these exercises.

If you love running but you experience increased pain after the exercises, you may want to lessen your running sessions to 2 to 3 times a week instead of every day. You can switch to another less stressful activity like walking or biking.

A really good workout that will not impact your joints is swimming. It is the perfect exercise because it involves all the muscles in your body but it is not as stressful as the other exercises. A full workout in swimming involves the movement of all muscles while you are suspended in water with no hard impact on your joints. Because you are floating, your whole body is being relaxed and massaged by the current of the water which actually has a therapeutic effect on your joint pains.

Low-impact exercises or activities that do not involve your feet, arms, or legs hitting against a hard surface, are definitely kinder to your joints. You don’t have to give up your sport just because you are experiencing joint pains. But you do have to take care of your body and switch to exercises that will minimize the stress that you are experiencing. You can alternate doing high impact and low impact exercises every other day.