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Which Team Is In It To Win It?

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The NBA finals Game 3 is very exciting. The Celtics are playing once again in their home court and in front of thousands of fans shouting at them to beat LA. That definitely is something the Boston team could do but will they be able to play to win? The Lakers won in Boston earlier during the annual regular season play. But in tonight’s game they came in full force and the Celtics will have to step up and play with more intensity.

The two teams rivaled in the final games before and the old memories are still alive in their minds. Two years ago, the Los Angeles team lost in their home court advantage versus the Celtics same way they lost last Sunday night. As a result, Boston had a 3 game winning streak and took home the championship rings and trophy back then. Will they have the same result this season or will the defending champs have the courage to take one of the 3 games that will be all played in Boston, and take the fight back home to LA? It’s very promising game tonight on the parquet floor.

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