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Who Are The Greatest Boxers Of All Time?

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The list of the best boxers will vary depending on the category that you are referring to. There are people who call the best boxers by the amount of wins they have accumulated in their careers. Others feel like the best boxers are those with unique fighting styles or possess extra ordinary strength and techniques. Certainly, there are numerous factors to consider when we qualify greatness.

There are some studies that show that the greatest boxer of all time is Muhammed Ali. That is because of his unmatched strength and physical abilities. Though recognizing that he is an excellent boxer in other categories of the sport, other people believe that he lacks the skill in critical areas of the sport like defending himself from the horrific blows of his opponents. Many believe that his Parkinson’s disease was brought about by receiving a lot of hits in the head.

Regardless of what criteria is being used in determining the best boxer that ever wore the boxing gloves, the following is the list of ten boxers who will make it on the people’s list. Willie Pep, Roberto Duran, Henry Armstrong, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhhamed Ali. Each one of these boxers had their own boxing styles and there are some elements that they shared. They all had the same strength, agility, speed, sense of timing and passion, and the determination and desire to win. The best boxers focus on their strengths and continuously work in improving their abilities. They also worked tirelessly for every match. They believed in the importance of giving enough time for training whether it is just for sparring with a speed bag, punching bag, or sparring with an opponent. This requires a great deal of your time, energy and determination which a lot of gifted athletes are not willing to give.

Sugar Ray Robinson is one of the boxing greats leading by 109 knockouts. He is followed by Henry Armstrong with 101, the third placer with 70 is Roberto Duran, fourth place with 65 is Willie Pep, fifth place with 54 KOs is Joe Louis and 37 knockouts is Muhammed Ali.

The number of knockouts is not the only qualifier for an excellent boxer. Another quality that reigns on the list of boxing greats is endurance. It not only involves the ability to give out powerful jabs and punches but it also involves the ability to deflect jabs and punches of your opponent. Staying in good health so you can last for a long time in boxing is important. Joe Louis may have 55 knockouts lesser than Sugar Ray Robinson. But he held the Heavy Weight Champion title for 12 years which is undefeated. Without any doubt, in order to be called the best, you have to possess not just extraordinary strength but also the right mindset and determination to succeed.