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Who Are The Greatest Boxers Of All Time?

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Any listing of the best boxers of all time would vary depending on who you are asking or to which list you might be referring. There are people who would consider the best boxers to be those who have accumulated the best records during their careers. Others may feel that those who demonstrated the best technique or who possessed the greatest strength and athleticism to be among the very best. Certainly there are various factors which must be considered when we designate greatness. Some studies show Muhammed Ali to be the greatest boxer of all time because of his unsurpassed strength and physical abilities. Others, while conceding that he was a brilliant boxer in many aspects of the sport, feel that he was lacking in other critical areas such as the ability to adequately defend himself against the horrific blows from his opponents. It is believed by many that the number of hard hits to the head (and concussions) that he received likely had a lot to do with the onset of his Parkinsons’s Disease.

No matter which criteria is used to determine the best who ever laced up a pair of boxing gloves, the following ten individuals would arguably be on most people’s list. Roberto Duran, Willie Pep, Joe Louis, Henry Armstrong, Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. While these six boxers each had their own unique style there were some elements that they had in common such as, strength, speed, agility, sense of timing and the passion, determination and desire to win. The best boxers tend to focus on their strengths and continually work to improve upon them. In each case, they believed in the importance of getting in enough training time whether it involved using a speed bag, a punching bag, or against an opponent. This requires a tremendous amount of time, effort and determination which many gifted athletes are not willing to put forth.

One of boxing greats is Sugar Ray Robinson. Robinson leads in the number of knock-outs he achieved with 109, followed by Henry Armstrong with 101, Roberto Duran with 70, Willie Pep with 65, Joe Louis with 54 and Muhammed Ali with 37. Knock-outs, however, are not the only qualifier of a great boxer. Endurance is another quality that reigns on the list of the greats. It involves developing the ability to not only give powerful jabs and punches but to also be able to deflect as many of your opponents jabs and punches as possible. Staying fit and healthy so that you can continue for a long period of time with the sport you love is vital. Joe Louis may have had 55 fewer knock-outs to his credit than Sugar Ray Robinson but he held the title of Heavy Weight Champion for 12 years which is no small feat. Without doubt, to be considered one of the best, it is necessary to possess not only great strength, but also the correct mind set and desire to succeed along with the ability to persevere.