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Who Were The Highest Paid Athletes Of 2014?

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The world of sports is where the best athletes make a lot of money. Some of them use it to get out of poverty and set themselves up for the rest of their lives. The same goes for any other field, whether it is in business or politics, the great ones get paid better. In sports, it is all about skills. 2014 was a year were some athletes made significant bank. This is an across the board matter where sports figures of all kinds made millions of dollars. However, the bulk of these athletes remain within the fields of American football, tennis, basketball and football (soccer in America).

Floyd Mayweather took the top spot in 2014 as the athlete who made the most money. Although boxing is not among the aforementioned, he made more than $100 million. Whenever he wore his boxing gloves, he made sure that the whole world was watching his fights. This added up to more PPV and more cash for him. The good part is that none of that amount came from his endorsements. While most of the sports people on this list made most of their money from the companies they represent, Mayweather did not. It was all about his fights.

Christiano Ronaldo holds the second spot. Ronaldo plays soccer for Spanish team Real Madrid. He made $52 million in salary and another $28 million in endorsements.

LeBron James came in at number 3. His stash is broken between $53 million in endorsements and $19 in salary.

Another soccer player takes number 4. Lionel Messi plays for Barcelona FC and made $22 million in salary and $42 million in endorsements.

Kobe Bryant occupies the fifth position. Although his quality of play has diminished recently because of injuries and age, he still made $31 million for his services for the Lakers and the same amount from his dealings.

Top golfer Tiger Woods is at number 6. Even though in recent years fans have not seen Tiger at his best, he is still the number draw in golf. He earned a measly $6 million from the sport but made a whopping $55 million from his commercial deals.

Roger Federer came in at number 7 when he pocketed a sizeable $52 million in endorsement on top of his $4.2 million earnings from the sport of tennis.

Another golfer comes in at the 8th spot. Of all the $53.2 million that Phil Mickelson earned, only $5.2 million came from the sport.