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Who Were The Highest Paid Athletes Of 2014?

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Chances are that if you are good at doing something you can make a lot of money doing that particular thing. Whether it is in the field of science, entertainment, and particularly in the field of sports, a lot of money is awarded to those whose skills are in demand. This past year there were some athletes who took home substantial amounts of cash. While there were various sports that were represented by this group, the bulk of the riches went to those participating in soccer, basketball, tennis and football.
The man who made the most money in 2014 was not in any of those sports but rather in the arena of boxing. Floyd Mayweather, an undefeated professional boxer made over 100 million dollars in 2014 by strapping on his boxing gloves and beating his opponents in his matches. Interestingly enough, not one penny of that money came from endorsements. Many of the other athletes in the list of top earners received the bulk of their money from endorsements rather than as pay for their expertise.
Number 2 on the list was soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid. Ronaldo was paid over 80 million dollars this past year, 28 million which came by way of endorsements.
Number three came from the basketball world. Lebron James, also known as King James, earned a whopping 72 million the bulk of which came from endorsements (53 million).
Number four spot goes to Lionel Messi, considered by many to be the greatest soccer player of all time. Messi plays as a forward for FC Barcelona. His earnings in 2014 came to 64 million dollars, 42 million earned through endorsements.
The number five position is held by basketball great Kobe Bryant who still retains immense earning power even while his play performances have decreased. This year brought him 62 million dollars half of which came through endorsements.
At number six was legendary golfer, Tiger Woods. While Tigers play has experienced highs and lows his popularity remains very high. That fact accounts for the fact that of his 61 million dollars of earning for this year, 55 million of that resulted from endorsement deals.
Number seven was from the world of tennis. Roger Federer earned 56.2 million dollars and the bulk of that came from endorsements as well; a hefty 52 million in fact.
At number eight we find formidable golfer, Phil Mickelson. Mickelson earned 53.2 million dollars, only 5.2 million which came as pay for his golf wins.