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Who Will Be The Missing Piece For The Jazz?

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The daily news features stories about a freelance player getting signed into a team. Some of the teams who lost their freelance players are still looking for replacements and Jazz is one of them. Not only did they lose the strength and size of Carlos Boozer, they also lost 3 point shooter Kyle Korver. Then there is the dubious move to Portland Trailblazers by Wesley Matthews with a maximum contract that includes more than 9 million dollar paid up front. Didn’t we experience that last year with Paul Millsap?

That was the same team who tried to lure him away with the same money offer that Jazz had to match up to in order to retain him. Now they did it again with Matthews, although he was a great fit for the team, his asking price was just too much for the team’s budget. The decision is not yet final but most likely he will also leave.

Meanwhile, the team is still looking for a big guy to replace the vacancy in the middle and get someone with a good defense and rebound plays. The rumors has it that Jazz is working out a deal to acquire Al Jefferson from Minnesota Timberwolves. He is a 265 pound big guy with a height of 6’10” and could play power forward or center position. Jazz fans are hopeful the deal falls thru because he looks like a perfect fit for the Jazz team.

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