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Who Will Emerge As The NBA Champions?

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The final series in the NBA Championships has been an interesting one. The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers seem fairly evenly matched. Their first five games have been action packed and exciting with many lead changes as well as long runs of scoring for one side or the other.
It appears both teams are in it to win it and are playing with great intensity.
Steph Curry has moments when nothing seems to be falling for him and then all of a sudden he’s in the groove and can’t seem to miss. Golden State fans are loving it when he’s in his stride. On the other side, when LeBron James puts on his Cavaliers basketball uniform, watch out. He is truly a phenomenal player with skills envied throughout the league. He has his work cut out for him tonight however, as his team is down 3-2. It will help that they are playing on home turf but his teammates are going to have to step up a bit more to clinch the win. It promises to be a thrilling match-up.