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Who Will Emerge As The NBA Champions?

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The NBA Finals series between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers has been interesting so far. These two teams seem to be evenly matched. The first five games of the series have been full of action with lots of exciting lead changes, long runs, and alternate scoring coming from both sides. The teams are in it to win it.

GSW superstar Steph Curry certainly has his moments when everything is in stride for him. He's getting the shots and all points needed. Curry's energy is infectious enough that his teammates also start to get in the groove. The other team's own superstar, LeBron James, is such a big threat. His skills and athleticism that he has is the advantage that could help his team win. He and the other guys in Cleveland basketball uniforms has to bring their best to the court since they are down 3-2. Playing on their home turf could help but other players need to step up more in order to get that much needed win and force a do or die match against the Warriors. Game 6 is sure to be a thrilling match up, either there will be new champions or another chance for the Cavaliers to emerge victorious.