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Who Will Make it in the NBA Western Conference?

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With the 2007-2008 basketball season coming to an end, there is still a close race in the Western Conference to see who will make it to the playoffs and who will be left behind.  While New Orleans and the Los Angeles Lakers are the only teams that have clinched playoff berth, there is really only a struggle for the last two sports of the conference.  The battle that is going on is between Dallas, Golden State, and Denver.  Each of these teams is amazing and deserves to go to the playoffs.  However, one of them will have to be eliminated.

Being a Nuggets fan, I have been following this fight for the past couple of months to see if my team will be able to make it to the playoffs again.  In the past week, I have seen them bounce from position 9 to 7 and now to 8.  I have seen all three of these teams with even records and then bouncing around again.  However, it seems like it usually turns out that Dallas sits in position number 7 while Denver and Golden State switch for position number 9.

Last week, I saw a huge glimpse of hope as Dallas star Dirk Nowitzki suffered an ankle injury.  However, in the struggle for playoff berth, he has decided to suffer through the pain and play in order to help the Mavs get into the playoffs rather than waiting for a full recovery.  It seems like this was a good move since it is helped to bump the Mavs back up to position number 7 with a half game lead over Denver. 

These next few weeks will be exciting for everyone who follow the Nuggets, the Warriors, and the Mavs.  The regular season ends April 16, which is just two and a half weeks away.  On April 10, the Nuggets will face off against Golden State, which I believe will be a key game in the playoff picture.  There will probably be many other key games, but it is hard to tell.  It is definite though that these next two weeks will be interesting.


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