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Who Will Make it in the NBA Western Conference?

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Now that the 2007-2008 basketball season is ending, there is still the Western Conference games that will decide who will be included in the playoffs. The Lakers and New Orleans already clinched a position in the playoffs, there is still two remaining spots to be filled. All three teams, Dallas, Denver and Golden State are amazing and deserving, but only one of them will be eliminated.

As a Nuggets fan, I have been closely watching this competition for the past months to see if the team will be included in the playoffs. Last week, they went from 9th position to 7th and now down to 8th. All three teams have equal records. However, it seems Dallas got the 7th position and the last two teams are vying for the 9th.

Last week, Dirk Nowitzki of Dallas, suffered a foot injury. He decided to bear the pain and play to push the Mavs into the playoffs. This was a good decision because it bumped Mavs to the 7th spot leading over Denver by half a game.

The coming weeks is exciting for the fans following these 3 teams. April 16 is the end of the regular season and its just 2 ½ weeks away. The Nuggets will face the Golden State on April 10. This will be a key game and it’s hard to tell the outcome.’

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