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Who Will Win The 2015 Heisman?

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With football season wrapping up at the college and professional level many of the questions posed at the beginning of the season have been answered. Some of the teams that were expected to produce amazing results have fallen below expectations and others have fared far better than most would have thought. The same can be said for individual players on those teams. In the case of those who have excelled this year, several are in the hunt for the coveted Heisman Trophy for 2015. This year the honor went to Marcus Mariota the quarterback for the Oregon Ducks. Stand out runners up Melvin Gordon and Amari Cooper both appear to be heading for the upcoming NFL draft and then would not be eligible for Heisman consideration.
Those who are possible contenders at this point include Trevone Boykin of TCU, Dak Prescott of Mississippi State and J.T. Barnett of Ohio State. All three have had very productive years playing in the quarterback capacity. Others in contention may include James Conner of Pittsburgh, Royce Freeman of Oregon and Deshaun Watson of Clemson. The field is wide open as of now and others could come on the scene and steal some of the thunder while those who are now riding high may incur injury or other potential problems. If will be interesting to see how things play out and who will emerge as the champion for the upcoming year.