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Why Boxing Continues To Grow In Popularity

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Boxing is an art and science as well as a sport. It is in terms bloody, visceral and at the same time athletic, and sporting. It channels a violent nature into rules which civilizes it for viewer consumption. Through the years, its popularity has waned and ebbed. With other martial arts sports becoming more popular, boxing remains as a big draw, not only for viewers but also for those who are into fitness.

The continuing popularity of boxing is not easily explained, but there are a number of reasons for this.

Boxing as a sport requires the bare minimum. Boxing gloves are the only requirement for the sport. Most sports shops sell boxing gloves of every kind. Anyone can don the gloves and start shadow boxing or throwing punches at a bag.

Another reason for its popularity is that it is fun to watch. A boxing match is meant to be between two people who are almost the same size, and they go toe to toe throwing punches at one another. The weight categories ensure that there is no undue advantage for one boxer. This even nature of the sport, as well as the rules of the game help make sure that both players have an even chance at winning.

As a sport and a fitness activity, boxing presents a disciplined approach. A boxing match is composed of rounds, with a resting time in between. This is precisely what interval training is all about. It requires endurance, as well as upper body strength. It also requires a strategy when inside the ring. Outside of the ring, you can vent your frustrations with the use of a punching bag. Of course, additional safety reconsiderations are set in place for those who are in it for the fitness training. For one, there is the wraps which you have to wear under the gloves. For another, you need someone to spot you for most of the activities. His job is to give you tips and advice, as well as to help you with your boxing, in general.

Even though few would want to become professionals, there are a lot of boxers who enjoy training with the intensity of professional boxers. It is a fun activity, and it can also help a person sculpt the body.