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Why Is Cheating So Pervasive In Sports?

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It seems safe to say that most people really like sports. They enjoy the competition, the action, the excitement and the display of skill. Whether it be watching guys duke it out with their boxing gloves or shooting hoopes in the basketball arena or a myriad of other activities people are generally interested in sports. What most people do not like is the cheating and dishonesty that has become so connected with the world of sports. Is it a symptom of society as a whole that fair play is no longer regarded as necessary? We love to root for our favorite baseball players streaking across the field on their way to home base for a homerun but we definitely do not like learning that their incredible play has likely been a result of their taking banned substances. We enjoy watching our favorite cyclists fly across the finish line in their bright colored cycling jerseys but that thrill turns to disgust and disappointment when we learn that many have cheated by using performance enhancing drugs outlawed by their sport.
Recently it has come to light that another sport is experiencing fair play problems of their own. The International Skating Union found that former short-track coach Jae Su Chun was in violation of the prevailing code of ethics for the sport of speed skating along with former Olympic speed skating champion Simon Cho. According to Cho, Coach Chun badgered him to bend the skate blade of rival skater from Canada which would very obviously hamper the Canadian skater’s performance. As a result of the investigation into this matter, Cho will be punished with a two year suspension from his sport. Coach Chun originally refuted the charges but has since admitted that he was aware of what Simon Cho had done but neglected to report the infraction. Chun has since resigned but the bad taste remains in the mouths of fans who deplore such lack of good sportsmanship.