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Why Is Cheating So Pervasive In Sports?

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In general, people love sports because of the competitive aspect, endless action and excitement, plus the display of skills. It is exciting to watch men hit each other with boxing gloves on or watch them shoot basketballs into hoops. It’s even thrilling to watch a cycling match and watch the riders fly by in their colorful cycling jerseys.

What people detest the most is when there is cheating and dishonesty involved in the world of sports. It is disappointing to learn that fair play does not prevail even in sports. We love cheering for our favorite players especially if they win the game. Imagine our disappointment when we find out that they took performance enhancers just to improve their play and stay in the game. Performance enhancing drugs like steroids, are prohibited by law because in effect, it is like cheating on the game by taking drugs to extend your stamina.

Recently, there was a report about problems with fair play on another sport. It was discovered by the International Skating Union that Jae Su Chun, a former short-track coach, violated the code of ethics in speed skating along with Simon Cho, former Olympic speed skating champion. Cho said that Coach Chun badgered him into bending the skate blade of a Canadian rival skater. This will obviously affect his performance. Cho was investigated and punished with a 2 year suspension. Coach Chun originally denied the accusation but admitted he was aware of what Cho did but failed to report the violation. Chun has resigned but people remember him with disgust for poor sportsmanship. He left the fans with a bad taste in their mouth.