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Why Most Of Us Love Baseball

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Americans’ love affair with baseball has been going on for a long time. It’s on the short list of things considered “very American”; you know… right up there with mom and apple pie. Baseball was being played clear back in Civil War times and has remained a popular sport ever since. The 1920’s through the l940’s were considered by many to be the “golden age” of the sport because it produced so many elite athletes who excelled at the game. This was the time frame for greats such as Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth whose names are still well known even over a half a century later.

The game has changed somewhat over the years, evolving into a less aggressive and less violent sport than it had originally been. Rules were made and kept which allowed the game to become more mainstream than ever before. More baseball parks were erected which allowed for a greater number of people to actually attend and view the live action as opposed to listening intently to the play by play calls of the radio announcer.

The television coverage of games which began in the 1950’s drastically changed the game of baseball much as it changed many other areas of American life. More time and attention was paid to premier athletes whose popularity grew right along with their financial rewards. Baseball became big business. While not everything associated with “big business” is all that great, the fact that many more people were introduced to the sport and became lifelong fans was a huge benefit.

Today we see baseball played not only in every major city in the country but in most of the small towns as well. There are professional teams, college teams, community teams, business teams, high school teams and an abundance of programs for young children. Baseball is as welcomed when springtime rolls around each year as are the first warm, sunny days and the arrival of the first flowers of the season. We love to cheer for our favorite teams at the ballpark or as we watch them on our televisions. For many people, few things can be considered as pleasant as a night out at the ballpark
watching your team, enjoying the fresh air and chowing down on a hotdog or burger. It is one of the simple joys of life for a great many people.

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