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Why Most Of Us Love Baseball

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It has been several decades since Americans fell in love with baseball and it this affair continues to modern times. In fact, this sport is included on the list of things considered “very American”. This sport started being played during the times of Civil War. Since then, it has been a popular sporting event. The decades of 1920’s to l940’s were considered to be the Baseball’s “golden age” due to the fact that many Hall of Famers came from this time frame such as Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth – with their names still being mentioned to this date, which is over a half a century later.

Over the years, there has been changes occurred with the game in which it is evolving into a less violent and less aggressivesport than it had initially been. Like many other sports, there are rules that were eliminated as well as introduced. All in all, the game became mainstream than ever before. In fact, Baseball is one of the four major sporting events in the country. There are numerous baseball parks developed throughout the years leading to thousands of people watching games live instead of listening to the radio for the play by play calls.

It was in the 1950s where the television coverage of games began and this event radicallyaltered the game as well as altering the American life. Since the games can now be watched on TV, more baseball players grew in popularity grew (of course, these players gained financial rewards). This game became a combination of business and sports.

These days, you will see and be able to watch baseball being played in every major city in the country with the Major League Baseball. There are also minor leagues that are played in most of the small towns. You will find professional baseball teams as well as collegiate teams, community-based teams, business-based teams and high school teams. There are also lots of baseball camps and clinics for young children. Baseball has been anticipated every years, beginning during the warm, sunny days and the post season end during the spring season. Avid fans love to cheer for their favorite teams at the ballpark – some prefer watching live (as well as replays) on their televisions. For many people, watching this game is a pleasant thing to do at night at the ballpark with a beer in your hand and hotdog or burger on the other hand. This is indeed one of the simple joys of life that baseball fanatics love to do.

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