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Why Pullover Jackets Aren’t Just For Athletes

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I bet if a regular Joe looked through his closet, he’d find at least one article of clothing that would be considered in the family of warm up jackets. Even if this regular Joe isn’t a pro athlete, he still owns a variety of pullover jackets and microfiber suits. If these jackets were designed specifically for athletes, then how does someone who prefers to study decimals over football plays come to own a sports jacket? The answer is simple – it’s the material. The materials used in any number of athletic warm up suits are durable, comfortable, and can wick (absorb) sweat away from the body. So it’s no wonder that everybody from outdoor enthusiasts to electrical engineers own these so called “sports jackets.” So what’s in these materials that really makes them so sought-after? I’ll tell you.

I was on swim team in high school, which was one of the most enjoyable sports I’ve ever partaken in. But to be honest, the only reason I swam was because you didn’t have to try out to be on the team (instant confidence boost!). Along with the other team members, I ordered our team suit, a cap, goggles, and guess what – a plethora of warm up jackets. These trench-coat like warm up jackets were made from microfiber, and were so warm that sometimes I felt like I was roasting. Microfiber usually always contains polyester, which absorbs sweat off of skin while simultaneously keeping muscles warm. This was perfect, because in competitive swimming, you only compete in a couple races per meet. Thus, it’s critical to make sure your muscles keep warm between races. Microfiber both cooled my body temperature while keeping my muscles warm and flexible. And on a side note, microfiber is really soft, which is never a bad thing.

In a different spectrum during college, I worked for several years at a neighborhood coffee shop that was very passionate about being environmentally aware. We offered discounts to customers who brought in their own cups, and most of our coffee was purchased under a high standard of fair trade. The majority of customers at this coffee shop were hikers, bikers, campers, and skiers. The longer I worked here, the more I began to notice that the majority of these outdoor diehards wore micro fleece pullover jackets. As I soon discovered, micro fleece is made from recycled plastic bottles (a-ha!), and is much more environmentally friendly than wool. So it’s not surprising that people who are environmentally in-tune prefer micro fleece over other similar materials, like wool. Yet aside from being earth friendly, micro fleece also functions in the same way as microfiber as it absorbs sweat while keeping the body warm. And besides – warm up jackets made from plastic bottles? That’s pretty cool.

For anyone who’s ever lived in a snowy state, thermal “long johns” are a critical part of getting dressed every day. Although I grew up in San Diego, I moved to Salt Lake City when I was fourteen, and I was woefully unprepared. My highly concerned aunt immediately bought me a variety of thermal pullover jackets and warm up jackets. These jackets were a life saver. Not only does thermal “wick” moisture away from your body (making you less sweaty), it thoroughly insulates the body by trapping heat between the thermal and the skin. One layer of thermal insulates more than one layer of regular clothing – and when you live in a state renowned for blizzards and snowstorms, nothing else quite insulates as well as thermal. So whether you’re a snowboarder, ice climber, or someone who just likes to sled, thermal is the ideal choice for winter pullover jackets. And trust me – once somebody converts to thermal, they never go back.

To wear these materials, it doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or a stay at home mom. Microfiber, micro fleece, and thermal are all materials that anybody can wear, at any age. Although these materials are ideal choice for athletic warm up jackets, they can also successfully be used in everyday pullover jackets, hanging-around-the-house sweatpants, or serious workout gear. From basketball players to bank attendants, these soft, durable, and light materials are aesthetically pleasing to anyone. Don’t let the reputation of “athletic wear” steer you away from purchasing an awesome micro fleece jacket, or a great thermal-insulated pullover. No matter what you do, these materials are great choices for every day activities. And who doesn’t want that?