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Why the NBA Playoffs are More Exciting than They Used to be

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5 out of 10

6 in a row

8 in a row and 10 out of 12

These numbers seem like shooting percentages or batting averages. But these numbers actually represent the number of times an NBA team won the championship. The Celtics during the 50's and 60's won 8 straight titles and 10 over 12 led by Red Auerbach from 1957 to 1969. Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to win the championship 6 times straight and win every final they played. During the 80's, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson and the rest of the Lakers won 5 championships and joined 3 more finals.

During these times, you knew what was going to happen during the playoffs. The Celtics would showcase their tight defense tactics, the Lakers would use their unstoppable show time play, and the Bulls have Jordan in their team. The playoffs were exciting for the teams mentioned above. Even if the opposing teams got close to winning, it still was a predictable outcome as everybody knows who would win the championship. Due to its predictability, there is a lack of suspense and anticipation which makes the games less exciting.

As of late, the playoffs is different with the lack of predictability nowadays. Aside from several years dominated by the Spurs and the Lakers, the playoffs is something of an open season where any team can have the opportunity to win. As of this decade, 4 teams won the championship including the Pistons and Heat who hasn't won for a long time. Due to the unpredictability of the playoffs, it has attracted more followers and viewership year over year.

The playoffs can be compared to movies where the classics were dominated by NBA titans who dominated the playoffs and it's like watching the movies over and over which gets stale and boring knowing what the end of the story is. Watching underdog teams scare the hell out of premier teams is synonymous to watching a Stephen King movie. It never ceases to amaze viewers of the outcome as you are surprised of what happens and cannot believe it even after it ends. Does this mean teams who were champions before shouldn't win anymore? Of course not! In fact, when they do win, we will get nostalgic as if watching the classics. But a welcome change and a forever shifting of outcomes is most welcome as this makes the NBA playoffs more exciting and fresh every summer.

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