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Why Warming-Up Before Working Out Is Crucial

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Now that the New Year is here most of us are trying to get back into shape. The holidays are over and so is the food bingeing that came with it. It’s time to get back on our feet and start working out.

A lot of us have sports or exercise activities that we actively engage in and can’t wait to get back into the action. Others are looking for new ways to exercise and keep the body moving. One thing we must all do is prepare our body before we engage in hard core exercises.

Stretching and warm up exercises are imperative to any work-out to prepare the body for more strenuous exercises that may lead to some injuries. The reason why you have to do some warm-ups and stretching is that it loosens up stiff muscles and this in turn reduces it from potentially hyper-extending. It also assists with body coordination that includes the connections with the joints and muscles. Warming up helps the blood circulate to other parts of the body and results in raising the temperature of your core to a degree or two higher before your work-out.

Stretching enhances your flexibility and this reduces the possibility for injury. The right way to stretch your muscles it to extend your limbs as much as you can and hold it for a time rather than making short and choppy movements. Stretching must be done in slow, deliberate movements so that that body will be relaxed and the mind will be calm. These exercises allow the body to be more nimble and maximize its motion to the fullest. An individual can improve the quality of their exercise experience by taking their time in doing the proper warm-up routine and stretching movements for the body.

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