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Will Jazz Come Together Tonight?

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How Will the Jazz’s Friday night’s loss to the Dallas Maverick affect their play when they meet the Memphis Grizzlies at the Energy Solutions Arena tonight? The team had been on a major hot streak, winning seven straight games before their defeat last week. One has to wonder if they will regroup and come out in attack mode tonight to try to get back to their winning ways. That is certainly the hope of all Jazz fans and no doubt, for the players as well. While it’s a good idea to reflect on the loss and try to assess what went wrong in order to avoid making the same mistakes in tonight’s game, it doesn’t do any good to “get down” about it. Deron Williams has assured his teammates that he is not discouraged about the loss and feels confident that the team can begin putting together another winning streak while acknowledging that there will be more losses as well. That, after all, is the game of basketball. You win some, you lose some. The secret to success, however, is to win a LOT more than you lose and that is just what we fans are hoping that the Jazz will do. It would be great if they would begin that effort on this very night.

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