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Will Jazz Come Together Tonight?

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Will the Jazz’s performance in their game against Memphis Grizzlies be affected by their loss to Dallas Maverick? The team had a trending winning streak, won 7 straight games before they were defeated last Friday. Fans are wondering if the team will regroup and return to attack mode tonight. The fans are hopeful and the players are too.

While it is good to think what went wrong and led to the loss, there’s no point in feeling down about the game. Deron Williams assured his teammates that he doesn’t let the loss pull him down. He feels confident that the team will get back on their feet and start winning again. He acknowledged that there would be more losses too. In basketball, you win or lose some games. To succeed you have to win more games than lose them and this is what the Jazz fans are hoping that the players will do. It would be wonderful if they did that tonight.

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