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Will Kirilenko Make His Exodus From The Utah Jazz?

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Utah Jazz superstar Andrei Kirilenko, a.k.a. AK47 has the NBA in a world of uncertainly right now. After news about a possible lock-out for the season was settled, another question on everybody’s mind, especially Jazz fans is if AK is going to stay or not. Up to now, nobody knows which basketball uniform Kirilenko will wear in the coming wars.

Up to this point, fans are still waiting for a definitive result. Aside from Kirilenko, there are other layers set to be traded. However, Andrei is the one attracting so much attention. The reason being is that he is of all-star quality. For ten years now, he has been the Jazz’s acknowledged leader on the court.

Fans have their hopes up high that they will be seeing their favorite player shoot those game changing shots off the basketball backboard this season and finally give them the performance that they have long been waiting for.

When the joined the team ten years ago, the fans had so much hope in him especially with the credentials he brought. He was an all-star from Russia who at 6’9, can shoot from anywhere on the floor. He is also known to be a decent rim protector and rebounder. Kirilenko was a do-it-all kind of player. Unfortunately, Kirilenko’s career in Utah did not bloom the way fans expected it to. He had an all-star season with them once and supporters of the team though it was going to the start of bigger things for them. Unfortunately, it was not supposed to be.

He gave them one mediocre season after another. Another problem that the Jazz management has with him is that his salary is too high and is not commensurate to the performances he has given. The player makes $17.8 million yearly. This is not the type of player Andrei wants to be remembered for. However, it seems that rectifying this impression is a bit too late.

Looming large in the Kirilenko trade news are the New Jersey Nets where he is set to join forces with another Russian import, Mikhail Prokhorov.

The fans of the Utah Jazz are surely going to miss him not because he had good years with the team, but because they love him.