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Will The Jazz Be Dealt A Winning Hand?

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It is the time of the year again where basketball fans connive and pour out their support for their teams. The NBA Playoffs have begun and is underway with the top-seeded teams leading the way and on the verge of eliminating their respective opponents.

For the numerous Jazz fans, the question remains – can their beloved team put together the right pieces in order to win the next couple of games at home?The first two games of their playoff series occurred in Hollywood and, as expected, both games went the way of the Los Angeles Lakers. The imposing height of the Lakers is a problem that has been a headache for many teams, not just the Jazz since the regular season, and is a serious problem for the Jazz. They have to find the right stops for this Laker’s threat. Nevertheless, there is still a big chance to make an upset as long as the Jazz comes up with hustle, aggression and smart basketball play way better than the Lakers.

The game three will be played on Saturday night. The Jazz should treat this game as do-or-die if the Jazz wants to take this Second round playoff series in the Western Conference. Being deep in a hole of three games to none will be a huge problem for the team and this must be avoided. Fortunately, the series has now shifted to Salt Lake City and the home fans will be a big boost for the team. The support of the home crowd can help the team to get this much needed victory.

There are some potential derailments for the Jazz and one of them is the All-Star forward, Andrei Kirilenko, has been sidelined due to injury. He will be a game time decision and he is working out with the team. There is some likelihood that he may be on the floor playing for the team instead of riding on the bench again. The issue is that it has been several games since Kirilenko was able to play Jazz basketball. There are issues if he can be an asset during this time of the series or be a liability. Nevertheless, the guys have set up a way to play without him pretty well up to this point and hence, changing the lineup might be tricky and can be costly. In addition, Utah’s other main and go-to-guy, Deron Williams, who struggled with his shooting in Game 2 (with just 5 out of 20) will have to make the adjustment and be aggressive on both end of the floor in playing at high level if the Jazz hope to steal a win.

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