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Will The NBA Become Owner Of The New Orleans Hornets?

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Rumors have been floating about the future of the New Orleans hornets for a long time now. When the club was purchased by George Shinn in 2002, it was relocated from Charlotte to the Big Easy where it currently resides. That status, however, may soon change as it has been reported that the league intends to buy the team and wishes it to remain in New Orleans. If this does take place, it will be the first time a team has been owned by the league and which could set an interesting and perhaps problematic precedence. The Hornets have been enjoying a pretty decent season (13-7) despite the uncertainly of their future. Hornets star guard, Chris Paul, says that he is interested only in taking care of his own business, which is winning games and is content to let management take care of their affairs. Even so, it must be some unsettling for the players not to know what team name will be on their basketball uniforms and where they will be playing. Current owner, Shinn, seems convinced that it is the right time to sell the team and to concentrate on other aspects of his personal life. Time will tell how this is all going to play out.