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Will This Be Armstrongs’ Last Tour de France?

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This Saturday is the start of the most respected and celebrated cycling competition in the globe, the Tour de France. This long and grueling race that ranges 2200 miles attracts cyclists from all over the world and thoroughly tests their capabilities and stamina to its limits.

No doubt, Lance Armstrong is a popular name associated with this race. He won the race 7 times from 1999 to 2005. After a 3 year semi-retirement, he went back to the cycling world last year and even won 3rd place in the race. Once again, he will be joining two hundred cyclists this year to compete for the yellow jersey that indicates he is the champion.

In a recent twitter post, it said Armstrong will be 39 years old in September and this will be his last race. Based on his past history, he will be giving all he’s got. It would be foolish to disregard him completely, though this year’s favorite is Alberto Contador, the 2009 tour winner. No matter how it turns out, there will be 3 weeks of a glorious race taking place all over France and its borders.

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