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Winning Ways In Sports And Life

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The NBA season is here again and the competition for the national championship prize has now started. Yearly at this same time, the teams are matched up with each other to determine who will be the winners. Several times the winning teams are the same ones from the previous years.

What makes these individuals excel while other athletes are dropped at the start of the competition? Surely having some natural skills is an important factor in the sporting world but that is not the only criteria. Some individuals radiate some hidden qualities that allow them to excel in anything they set their minds to. We have seen athletes who are examples of gifted individuals who were not at the top of their class but made up for the distance with their mind set, drive and determination. Their deep concentration has kept them on track until they have achieved their goal. In some ways, this has kept the balance on the playing field that not only the athletes who are gifted with speed, high intelligence and accuracy are the ones on top. That is true in sports and in life.

Sometimes, the one running the company is not the one with the highest national test scores or GPA but rather the person who is the most driven and focused who persevered.

Years ago, Utah had a point guard name John Stockton. He was small compared to others in the same position and would not be taken as a premier athlete. But he was fast and talented. He improved over time but his mental abilities was what put him ahead in the game. Losing was not an option for him. His drive is undefeated. If only this character could be replicated. This is the secret of his success.

Sadly, drive is not easily learned though anyone can make an effort to keep striving and not give up. Like in the story of the turtle and the rabbit, the former did not stand a chance to win against the latter. But because the turtle just kept on persevering he ended up as the winner. Like in life, people lose because they slacked off instead of going full speed ahead. While they were wasting their time, the slower and less gifted athletes went ahead of them and crossed the finish line. The story gives inspiration to those of us who were born “turtles”. We will gain victory as long as we don’t quit and keep on trying.

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