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Winter May Bring Changes To Our Exercise Routines

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Now that the winter season is fully upon us and the daylight hours have shrunken to nearly half their summer size, we find ourselves more thankful than ever to have the benefit of sports in our lives. We may not be as enthusiastic during these cold months to get bundled up and go out for a run or to hop on our bike and head for the hills. Though there seem to be a good number of die-hard joggers and walkers who get out there everyday no matter what the conditions of weather, most of us have decided to opt for a different work-out routine where we can avoid slipping on the ice or being miserably cold. Thankfully, there are lots of other alternatives we can turn to as a way to attempt to get in some exercise over the winter season. There’s always the old stand-by treadmill which isn’t nearly as interesting as actually walking or running outside but which still serves the purpose and can be done at any time of day or night in any type of weather. The same can be said of the stationary bicycle and the mini-trampoline. Many of us enroll in classes at our local gyms or recreation centers where we often have the benefit of meeting up with friends who can make the work-out more enjoyable and the time seem to go much more quickly. Most of us are probably missing the warm days of summer and the ease with which we could fit exercise into our daily routines. It’s likely going to be a long wait until that great weather is back with us so in the meantime we need to be creative in finding other ways to stay in shape.

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