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Wishing You The Best, Matt Harpring

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When Matt Harpring became a Utah Jazz player he was a formidable force to deal with. Ask any NBA player who defended him and they will narrate how strong and truly determined he was. He was one of those players that Coach Sloan can rely on playing the game the entire night who puts in his full effort and complete motivation. During the games of last season, the rest of the Jazz team failed to demonstrate the same intense motivation and effort that he puts in. During all those games Harping suffered so many injuries. His body endured a lot of wear and tear after playing game after game. Ultimately, he had announce that he needed to take a break from playing basketball.

Fortunately for his fans, he is not totally giving up basketball completely. He found a way to engage in the sport which he has a lot passion for and incorporate another activity that is dear to his heart which is broadcasting. During several games in the previous seasons, he sat next to Ron Boone and Craig Bolerjack in the broadcasters’ seat during the Jazz games. He’s knows a lot about the game and he is very pleasant to listen to.

It is confirmed he was offered the full time job of broadcasting the games. He is yet to disclose which team he will sign up with. Jazz fans are hopeful that he will remain in Salt Lake City but that is most unlikely. He has a house in Atlanta where his family lives. He has a wife and 3 kids. His wife is a doctor by profession and has an active practice in Atlanta. It would be more practical if his family stays there. If he decides to stay in the East, the Jazz fans are happy for him and wishes him well for his future but he will be missed dearly.

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