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Wishing You The Best, Matt Harpring

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When Matt Harpring played for the Utah Jazz he was indeed a force to be reckoned with. Just ask any of the NBA players who had to defend him and they will tell you what brute strength and determination he possessed. He was one of the few guys that coach Jerry Sloan could put on the floor and know that he was going to get full effort from, night in and night out. We missed that intense effort and motivation last season as we watched the Jazz play without the contributions of this very focused team member. Too many injuries and too much wear and tear on a body that got put through the paces night after night finally made it necessary for Harpring to give up the game he loves so much. But he has not given basketball up entirely and that is very good news for fans of the game and fans of Matt Harpring. Currently, Matt has found a way to stay involved in the sport for which he feels such passion and to combine it with another activity that has found a place in his heart, broadcasting. Jazz fans were privileged to hear from Harpring during numerous games last season as he sat next to Craig Bolerjack and Ron Boone in the broadcasters seats during Jazz games. He’s easy to listen to and obviously very knowledgable about the game. He has confirmed that he’s been offered a full time job broadcasting games but he has not revealed by which team he will be employed. Naturally, Jazz fans are hoping that this well loved former player will stay right here in Salt Lake City but that may not be the case. He owns a home in Atlanta where he lives with his wife and three young children. His wife is a physician who has an enviable practice in the Atlanta area so it may be a better fit for his family to remain in that area. If it turns out that he decides to remain back east, Jazz fans will be happy for him and will wish him well in his future but will miss him none the less.

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