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Women in Men’s Sports – Should it be Allowed?

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Women have gone a long way to becoming equals in the past century. Women’s Suffrage or women’s equality, in a lot of aspects has put women on an equal level with men. In the most part of the 20th century, women spent most of their time being housewives. However, with the turn of the century, women now make up 50% of the workers.

Should this gender equality issue be taken to a higher level that allows women to engage in sports that is normally dominated by men? Here is my opinion.

I’d like to think I’m a progressive thinker. Women, in whatever shape or form, are not any less than men. Women are equally smart, gifted and capable like men, and in some areas even surpass them. However, in sports, it is obvious that men are faster, bigger and stronger than women. It is common knowledge that women find it difficult to compete with men. But should that exclude women from male dominated sports? No. In sports such as swimming, track, gold and tennis, women must be allowed to match up with men if possible. There are still some sports that women are not allowed to participate.

The reason why is that the sports mentioned are non-contact and individual sport. If physical contact is not required between the participants, the game results will depend less on their physical prowess than on their skills. A great factor is physicality, but not as much as in contact or team sports. If skill will be the only thing that will determine the outcome, then there is no reason why women should not be allowed to match up against men.

But when it concerns contact sports such as basketball, football, hockey and soccer, I think women should not be allowed to participate. There are two reasons why. First, if men and women play these games together, men will already be at a disadvantage. Men were raised to treat women with gentleness and respect. When this notions show up on the playing field, men tend to give women the upper hand. As an example, during college when I engaged in co-ed intramurals, I found myself against a female rival. It felt bad grabbing the ball from her. And even if I did take the ball, I tried not to be rough which made it feel unnatural. I did not want to be a jerk towards a girl for being too physical. With similar experiences like my own, I feel women must not be allowed to match up with men in contact sports.

I also know about the horrible stories about the sexist treatment of females playing male oriented sports. In 1999, at the University of Colorado, Katie Hinda was playing as a replacement placekicker on the football team. She was being harassed every day and she claimed to have been raped by a fellow teammate. This incident already proves why women should not play with men in sports.