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Words Can Come Back To Bite You

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Be careful what you say because you just might have to eat those words at some later date. Just ask the Columbus Crew soccer team who had to relearn this lesson once again this past weekend when Real Salt Lake kicked their tails 2-0 in front of a crowd of 16,906. It seems that all the pre-game tough talk by the Crew players got the home team fired up. The RSL players were undoubtedly taking it all in; all the talk about how the Real weren’t really a legitimate championship team, certainly not on a par with the Columbus Crew. Oh really? Why, then, did the Columbus team score zero points in the meeting and have to go home with their tails between their legs? One RSL player in particular was absolutely on fire in the match. Javier Morales scored both goals with nearly flawless play. It was certainly his night as it seemed nothing he did could go wrong. Nothing did. We’re all hoping that he saved a little of that “magic” for the next game which will take place Wednesday night at Rio Tinto Stadium.

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