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Working Through Slumps In Sports

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If you are active in sports, chances are you have experienced some kind of slump at one point. You may have put on your basketball uniform, slipped on those boxing gloves or baseball glove and tried to participate in your favorite sport but it so happens you’re feeling a bit low. Even the best athletes had their bad days. Famous names like Babe Ruth, David Beckham and Jack Nicklaus had their share of slumps. Recently, Peyton Manning threw 11 interceptions within 3 weeks and this is a man known for his excellence.

Slumps is just a part and parcel of your journey to success. If you have been playing your sport for a long time, you can expect days like this to happen. We are not suggesting that you don’t do anything about it, you just have to stay calm and let it run its course. Often, when a person’s performance is not suddenly falls below the standard, it puts the athlete in chaos. Crisis mode is the worse situation you are in if you’re trying to pull yourself together back into the game. Being hard on yourself is not helpful. You just have to stay positive and be objective to overcome these trying times.

One thing you must be aware of is that if the change in your performance is the result of a physical issue then you will have to look into this right away.

The best thing to do to get yourself out of this slump is to consult a professional. Your coach is the first person you should talk to if there is a change in your stance, the way you swing or throw. The coach can evaluate your performance, give you feedback and advice on how to correct your errors. If it is a physical concern then the coach can recommend a doctor or a sports therapist that can address your health issues.

On the other hand, if the problem is psychological, you have to take the right steps to change the way you think and feel. You have to overcome negative thinking and avoid self-criticism because these tend to make the situation worse. This kind of behavior takes an incident of one or two substandard performances and turns these into a pattern that keeps going on farther than one would expect. Just relax and stay focused. Be positive in your outlook and you will get your groove back to your winning ways.