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Workout Equipment Changes With The Times

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Remember the old days when you spent time on heavy duty machinery at the gym to get in shape. You pulled down bars connected to a gleaming stainless steel contraption likely weighing a thousand pounds and sat on enormous padded seats where you supposedly strengthened your legs by lifting heavy a heavily weighted bar. It seems that in many gyms across the country, those days are gone. The new equipment resembles in many ways the small and simple objects used by people a hundred years ago to maintain their strength and stamina. Instead of an expensive and space consuming stair master now gyms are advocating the use of a plyo box to achieve the same results: strengthened legs and rear end. Other objects such as heavy duty ropes, sandbags and kettle balls have taken the place of large, complicated machinery. The cost of these items is obviously much less and the amount of space needed to house them is definitely less as well. The really good news is that they work. Even better results are experienced by users of these new “gadgets” than the old stand-by equipment of yesteryear. If you are unfamiliar with these new weight training aids perhaps now is a good time to give them a try.