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World Cup Final

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We are down to the last 2 teams, the Netherlands and Spain, for the World Cup championship. The experts are favoring Spain giving them the thumbs up as a 4-1 win even if they have never reached the finals and even lost to Switzerland early in the eliminations. There was never a team that won the World Cup that lost an early match before they got to the finals.

On a happier note, Spain has ruled Europe for several years in the soccer world. The team produced excellent players like David Villa who scored 5 out of 7 goals that Spain has earned since they lost to Switzerland. The 7 goal tie lead in the tournament is headed by WeslyeSneijder of Netherlands. The Netherlands has been in the finals thrice in the past so they are used to be among the remaining teams. To win again this year, they need the help of their teammates ArjenRobben and Robin van Persie.

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