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World Record Basketball Game?

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Now that the NBA lockout is over, the league is back in business. Fans are excited to flock to the arenas and watch the games live. Whether they are behind the teams bench or past the basketball backboard, they have a chance to cheer for their teams.

This is the peak of winter and most people are looking for ways on how to beat the snowy weather. Getting to see their favorite players light up the basketball scoreboard could be the answer. This is something people need. The best in sports entertainment with the most athletically gifted players in the world showing their stuff day in and day out.

However, there are other people on a mission. Their goal is to play the longest basketball game ever. They hope to make in the list of Guinness Book of World Records. They have set their goals on high.

The game will last 109 hours. There will be no timeouts. Half time breaks are not allowed. They just want to see their names listed in the storied record books. Aside from that, they also see it as their contribution to some that is of big worth. That goal is to raise funds for financial assistance that they will donate to the Fallen Heroes Scholarship Fund. The funds will go to the families of military servicemen, policemen and firefighters who have sacrificed their lives while doing what their jobs.

On December the 26th, 9a.m., the game started. Many thought that the players are going to pull their punches. However, supporters of these teams were surprised to see that all of the players used have given it their best. This is old school basketball with flip card scoreboard but it has so much meaning to it.