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Yankees vs. Devil Rays – Spring Training Gone Wild

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Spring training is the time to practice for veterans and rookies before the regular season. While there might be a rookie who’s trying to make it to the team, for the most part it’s very subdued. On Teusday, when the Yankees played against the Devil Rays all that had changed.

Days prior to the game, an aspiring D-Rays barreled into the back-up catcher of the Yankees’ breaking his wrist. Joe Girardi was anything but quiet saying this was unwanted in a Spring Training game. Shelley Duncan hinted that this display of aggression by D-Rays will not be the last.

On Tuesday’s game during the first inning, tension was already brewing when Heath Phillips, Yankees pitcher intentionally beaned the D-Rays batter. By second inning, mayhem broke loose. Yankees Shelley Duncan rounded first after making an infield error, and hesitated before taking off to second base. That moment nearly cost him since Aki Iwamura the second baseman received the ball before Duncan arrived at second base. It seemed Duncan will not accept that so he went on to make a hard slide to second base but with his spikes up high on Iwamura’s leg. Duncan was thrown out of the game which sparked a huge brawl.

A slide like that could injure the opponent. If Duncan did that to avenge his teammate who was injured in a previous game then that is not right. The MLB has to judge which is malicious, hard play and good intent. Otherwise, we’ll have more incidents like what happened between Yankees and D-Rays.

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