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Yes, Walking Is A Sport

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Walking is not just a sport, it’s the best exercise for your body. It is kind to your joints and is preferred by most people over other strenuous activities. Studies show that brisk walking is ideal in fighting high blood pressure, an ailment that afflicts people all over the world.

It also boosts metabolism and burns calories resulting to weight loss. Another benefit of walking is that it enhances blood circulation which keeps your arteries clean and flexible. These are great health benefits but it is also the best way to reduce stress of everyday life.

You don’t need to buy special gear or enroll in a gym, you just need a good pair of walking shoes when you go walking. You can walk by yourself or join with a partner or a group. You can do this exercise anytime of the night or day, while you are on vacation or at home. It’s hard to think of an activity that is more convenient than this sport called walking.

If you don’t find walking challenging, you could increase the level of difficulty by increasing the speed that you walk, going up a hill or adding the time you use for walking.

Currently, studies reveal information that indicates by year 2030, 86% of Americans will be considered obese or overweight and doing a physical activity will become important. If you make that decision today to stay healthy and do something from becoming obese or overweight, you will not become just another statistic by health researchers. Walking improves your moon, increases your energy and reduces your waistline.

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