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Yes, You Can Walk That Weight Away

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It was estimated by the Center for Disease Control that around 34% of Americans are considered obese and 67% o are overweight. These are frightening statistics considering being overweight is the cause of several serious health problems that compromises your quality of life. Obviously, we have to take steps that will get rid of the excess weight that undermines good health for many people.

A lot of people have limited participation in high impact and high intensity exercises effective as fat burners. These are due to health concerns and their body’s limitations. Walking is the best exercise of all because anyone can participate and reap a lot of benefits from doing so. Try brisk walking a few days each week and it will show amazing changes in your body. It helps you lose weight, remove stress, strengthens your heart and lungs, increase energy levels and contributes to enhancing good mood and a happy well-being.

If you are just starting this exercise, you will want to start slowly to reduce your risks for injury. Begin with 10 minute walks for 3 days in a week and work towards increasing it to 35 minute walks, 3 times a week in a 6 week period. Do warm up exercises 3 to 4 minutes before you start your walking sessions. Your warm up could simply be running in place or marching slowly, followed by some stretching exercises. Stretch the calf muscles, hamstrings and quads to prevent experiencing pain from sore muscles.

Start walking in a pace that is fast enough to burn some energy but not too much that you have to overdo it. One good way to monitor this is by determining your ideal heart rate when you exercise. Then do some walking that is just fast enough to keep it within that range. The simple formula to compute for your target range is take your age and deduct it from 220. Multiply the result by .55 and multiply the same number by .85. That will be the speed of your heart rate what you would want to use when you are walking. Try to keep your pace within those two figures that form your range, making sure you do not exceed its maximum number. Once you complete your walk, you have to cool down by doing the same exercises you did while warming up. You just have to make your stretching exercises gentler by holding every position a full minute longer.

Commit to starting an exercise program by walking that is low impact on your joints while being an effective means in reducing weight and body fat.

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