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Yet Another Reason To Love Sports

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During the financial and economic crisis that hit the country, it has been the practice to find all of the bright sides of life, however small it is. For thelots of people, this bright spot comes in the form of the love for sporting events. Baseball, basketball, American football, hockey, F1 racing, tennis, golf – you name it, many people will find the sunny side of life by simply watching their favorite team(s)compete and go hard every game day. Aside from the basic necessities of life, sports would be part of shortlisted things that many would be willing to give up in order to save money.

This is the normal facet of life and has been played out again and again across the country as well as in other parts of the world.

In just the recent times, the mayor of Birmingham City in Alabama has turned to the many sporting events in order recuperate from the devastating effects of economic recession. Mayor William Bell strongly believed that the sports can be a vehicle for getting private entities and industry as well as business people to consider Birmingham with renewed interest and of course, with positive perspective. This method could attest to support the city in shedding some of its’ negative image in the country.

In the month of April, there were two popular international sporting events that were held in Birmingham. This has generated a good deal of positive feedback for the city. Mayor Bell is feeling confident that there will be more events such as the U.S. Tennis Association Fed Cup and the Indy Grand Prix. Events like those two would generate positive interest as well as the needed tourism boost. The mayor is hoping to attract one of the national sporting events, perhaps the NBA or the NFL to host one of their pre-season games in the city. It is known that there are no major professional teams in Birmingham or in Alabama in particular aside from the popular collegiate American football team and other minor league teams. For the people in the city, seeing athletes and superstar players will give them a boost and temporary happiness despite all the negative things going on for them.

It is clear that this practical city mayor is directed in the correctcourse by considering the sports as a tool for anemotional, financial and mental uplifting. The temporary happiness that the sports can give will eventually be transformed in the satisfaction and uplift of the entire city.

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