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You Never Get Too Old For Exercise

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Everyone will agree that our world today is so youth oriented. It’s true when it concerns fashion and other facets of life, except when it is about exercise. Fortunately, there are people in the age range of 80s to the 90s that are still doing exercise. They don’t necessary have to pick up their gym bag and head to a fitness center. They just have to find an exercise that they will enjoy doing. They don’t have to do boxing or any other high impact sport. With so many exercises around, they can choose some low impact sports that is even fun to do.

The oldies swear this is what is keeping them young. It is good for their bodies and spirits. An Indian man whose name is Fauja Singh just recently completed what he called his last marathon. He did say he will continue his own daily runs. This man has amazing statistics. He had weak legs that is why he only started walking at age 5. Currently he is 102 years old. He only started joining marathons at age 89 to deal with the depression of losing his wife and son. He is committed to running daily while people who are in their 20s to 30s are lying lazily on their sofas doing nothing but watch TV. There is no secret or magic for his commitment. He claims that he was brought back to life when he started running to get over his depression. He says that life should be all about happiness and laughter which is the remedy for everything. This man is very lovable because he shows wisdom beyond his years. We could do better if we follow his advice and commit to doing exercise no matter how old we could be.