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You Never Get Too Old For Exercise

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Most people would agree that we live in a very youth oriented society. That is certainly true b when it comes to fashion and many other things but it is not true when it comes to exercise. Thankfully there are hundreds (thousands actually) of examples of people who are continuing to exercise into their 80’s, 90’s and beyond. They realize that they do not have to spar with a punching dummy every day or grab a gym bag and head to a sports facility in order to make exercise a part of their lives. They just find something physical that they enjoy and do it. They swear that it keeps their spirits young and is good for their bodies too. An amazing Indian man named Fauja Singh recently completed what he says will be his last marathon even though he will continue to run “on his own” daily. There are some amazing statistics about this man. He didn’t even start walking until he was five years old because of weakness in his legs. Currently, Singh is 102 years young. He didn’t start competing in marathons until after his 89th birthday and did so as a way to combat the depression that engulfed him following the death of his beloved wife and one of his sons. He runs daily. Can you imagine someone his age running daily when many people twenty and thirty years his junior are vegging on their sofas being entertained by mindless television with their only exercise getting up for food or to go to the restroom. Singh doesn’t claim any “secret” or magic formula for his commitment to exercise. He claims that it was what “brought him back to life” and allowed him to reconnect with the business of living after so much sadness and turmoil had darkened his days. He credits running with saving his life and gives the following advise to anyone who cares to hear it. “Laughter and happiness is what life should be about, that’s your remedy for everything”. He shows wisdom even beyond his numerous years – you just have to love that man. More of us would do well to follow his excellent example and commit to make exercise a part of our lives no matter how old we are.