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Youth Sports

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Children are the most energetic people in the world. Part of the reason why is that they love sports. Young boys and girls love to put on their football jersey and play all day. All across the country children are excited to indulge in sports. Some of the benefits that children get from sports is eye-hand-feet coordination, better stamina, toned muscles, and the ability to work within a team.

Despite all of these benefits, parents and guardians should also be aware of all the risks that paying sports involve. Every young person would love to kick a soccer ball into the goal. However, this might come with some risks. More than forty percent of emergency cases involve children aged between 5 and 14. The common causes are sports related injuries.

Among the sports that children play a lot, football is the number source of injuries. These include sprains, bone fractures, hyper extended joints, and bumps and bruises. However the most fearsome injury that parents are scared of is the concussion. Another alarming thing is that young girls are more vulnerable to injury.

Football is the sport where most of the serious injuries are sustained. Fractures, ligament sprains and the more worrisome concussions account for over a half million injuries a year. A fact that may be surprising to many is that girls soccer is the second leading contributor to sports sustained concussions.

Sports is always good for children. However, parents should be aware of what could happen.