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Youth Sports

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It’s a given that most kids love sports. From a very early age millions of young boys all across America are excited to pull on a football jersey and get out on the field. Millions of other youth are eagerly anticipating kicking the soccer ball in the hopes of making a goal.

While there are numerous positives aspects associated with involvement in youth sports such as learning skills, socialization and great physical exercise, there are also certain risks that one should be aware of. Hospital emergency room records indicate that almost forty percent of the sports related injuries that they treat are sustained by kids ages 5-14.

Football is the sport where most of the serious injuries are sustained. Fractures, ligament sprains and the more worrisome concussions account for over a half million injuries a year. A fact that may be surprising to many is that girls soccer is the second leading contributor to sports sustained concussions.

Middle school aged youth are at somewhat greater risk because of the size differential of the athletes. Because kids develop at such different time tables, there may be one young athlete who is a head taller and fifty pounds heavier than another and when those two collide on a field it can mean serious injury for the smaller player.

Because the benefits of playing sports are so important and also because the kids love it so much, most parents are happy to see their youth involved in sporting activities. It behooves parents, however, to be aware of the potential for injury and to address the issue by making sure the kids use good safety practices and wear protective equipment when necessary.