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  • Ekho Heart Rate Team System

Ekho Heart Rate Team System

15.05 LBS

Product Description

EKHO Classroom Team System is High performance monitoring system for indoor and outdoor monitoring of heart rate and Training effect of Physical Education classes. Real time monitoring and feedback reporting of meaningful physiological information makes physical education fun and efficient.

Capable of recording and displaying up to 80 students, the EKHO Classroom solution displays real time heart rate and records MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity).

Instant classroom reporting automatically sent to teachers and individual reporting instantly sent to students via email at the end of each class.

Please Note: The EKHO Classroom Team System runs on a laptop or desktop that have required specifications.  Please contact us today to help you with your team system solutions.

  • A fully integrated fitness solution that quickly and accurately records and measures fitness

  • Allows you to engage the students with video or power points allowing you to develop the fitness in the whole class while coaching the individual progress of each student

  • Develops individual ownership for their wellness

  • Provides individual training reports that can be emailed for the individual and group based on weekly or monthly reports for easy grading and feedback

  • Windows, MAC and Web-based

    Features Include:

  • Monitor up to 80 students at once

  • Indoor and outdoor use with 100 meter range

  • Continuous heart rate

  • Customizable color-coded heart rate zones 

  • Customizable heart rate recovery times

  • Percentage of max heart rate

    EKHO Team System Pack Includes:

  • (1) EKHO receiver pod and USB cable

  • (20) EKHO TE-28 transmitter belts with elastic straps

  • EKHO software

  • User Manual

  • (20) replacement batteries

  • (20) extra elastic straps

  • (1) EKHO storage case

  • Heart Education book

  • 2-year license

    Customized Student Report Provides:

  • Max heart rate

  • Average heart rate

  • Lowest heart rate

  • MVPA Time

  • Percentage of time in MVPA

  • Time in/above/below recall

  • Calories burned

  • Automatic e-mail reporting

  • Pre-profiled transmitter belts

  • Real time data collection, no downloading required

  • Class Report Provides:

  • Class name

  • Date of class

  • Class size

  • Start/end time and duration of class

  • Overall class MVPA

  • Average class heart rate

  • Average class calorie burn

  • Customized reports for comments or school logo
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