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  • Reactor by Champion Barbell&® Heavy Medicine Balls

Reactor by Champion Barbell&® Heavy Medicine Balls

22.22 LBS

Product Description

he Medicine Ball is a great tool for a complete body workout. It can be used to strengthen shoulders, back, arms and legs as well as improving core trunk strength and joint integrity. It also makes an exceptional abdominal exercise tool to create powerful and rock hard abs.

Unlike weight machines that are bolted to the floor and only give a limited and unnatural movement, medicine ball workouts provide weight-resistance through a full range of motion, in any position you find yourself in.

Because Medicine Balls provide an unstable environment in which to train, they prepare you to meet the unique demands of the fitness and sport environments.

By using stability balls in your training program, you can improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, improve balance, and build strength in the abdomen and lower back.

Not designed for use in slamming exercises

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